Eastern cultures have many holistic remedies for health and beauty. They encourage women to rely on Mother Earth for natural solutions to their beauty problems. Today, we are going to delve into a few of these ancient cherished remedies.

Here are three easy tips on ways to revitalize your hair using secrets based on eastern traditions.

1) For dandruff: Mix a large handful of crushed mint leaves into your conditioner and then leave it on your scalp for around 25 minutes. Afterwards, go ahead and rinse it out. You’ll be amazed how this little trick truly alleviates dandruff symptoms. It’s always great to go natural rather than using a strong chemical product.

2) For thinning hair: Use celery juice! Put celery into a blender or juicer, then massage the mix into your scalp. Leave in for several minutes, around 15, before washing out. The celery is great for fine hair and leaves it feeling more full and luscious.

3) For lackluster hair: lemon juice is your cure. Squeeze half a lemon into 1 cup of water. Then rinse your hair with this blend right after you’ve shampooed. Wash it out thoroughly and you’ll notice a definite new shine to your locks.

What do you think of these tricks? Have you used them before? Let us know what natural solutions work for you.

(Tips modified from “Asian Secrest of Health, Beauty, and Relaxation” by Sophie Benge)