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Top 4 Essential Oils From Southeast Asia

Essential oils are wonderful for one’s health and wellbeing. They can be used to bring harmony into our lifestyle as well as get rid of imbalances. Many people use essential oils as a form of stress management by inhaling the aromas or rubbing them into the skin to be absorbed by the body. Here are

Tips On What To Eat Post Massage

We all love getting massages. They feel amazing, they are healing for our stiff bodies, and they are calming for our stressed out minds and hearts. Almost every holistic medical tradition includes some type of bodywork in their natural prescription plan. We all know that post-massage it’s important to hydrate. But what should we be eating

Three Ancient Asian Beauty Secrets to Revitalize Your Hair

Eastern cultures have many holistic remedies for health and beauty. They encourage women to rely on Mother Earth for natural solutions to their beauty problems. Today, we are going to delve into a few of these ancient cherished remedies. Here are three easy tips on ways to revitalize your hair using secrets based on eastern

Summer Detox: What You Need To Know

Everyone’s talking about “detoxing.” From juice cleanses to raw food diets to plain old cutting out carbohydrates and junk foods, there are lots of ideas out there about what a detox means and how someone can do it. We at Longevity Herbs want to share our thoughts on what you need to know regarding summer

Wellness Renew Detox Therapy

Detoxification is a natural and essential process that takes place within our bodies on a continual basis. It is the body's way of ridding itself of toxins which build up in tissues and fat cells as a result of normal metabolic activity and the stresses of daily life. Supplements such as our Wellness Renew Plus

All about adaptogen herbs

The term adaptogens refers to a unique group of herbs which show restorative powers that go well beyond the specific. Adaptogens can offer noticeably improved functioning of the entire body including the brain and other key organs, the digestive system, the immune system and the reproductive system. Properly grown, harvested, and formulated—adaptogens are believed by

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