Are we supposed to live to 120? So says longevity tradition of Chinese culture. Apparently, human beings should be living way past 80, 90, and 100. So what’s going on and why aren’t we reaching our potential lifespan?

Life, according to Chinese theory, is living in harmony with nature and our internal clock. The 1st half of our life, years 1- 60, are described as “yang” and the later years 60 – 120 as “yin”.

The problem is that the 1st period of life energy is over-consumed on a daily basis without replenishing. The hard work gets burned up too quickly. There’s too much emphasis in our contemporary culture on work-hard/play-hard rather than balancing or calming energy. An example of this is opting for shots of caffeine rather than enjoying a calming herbal tea.

Bryan Abel of Longevity herbs shares this: “The goal here is not only living beyond 60s or 90s but living everyday with physical agility and mental clarity.”

So how can you increase your lifespan?

Abel suggests lifestyle changes such as occasional detoxes and practices like Mediation, Yoga, or Tai Chi.

Traditional Chinese longevity herbs to help achieve this are Reishi, wild Ginseng, and Gordyceps.

What do you think about this theory?