There has always been controversy over the issue of drinking and pregnancy. Articles keep coming out saying that it is okay to drink in moderation.

These examples go against the common understanding that drinking and pregnancy is a major no-no. So what’s the truth? And what does Longevity Herbs— as advocates of organic, natural living and holistic medicine–promote?

First, our major issue with drinking during pregnancy is that it depletes vitamins including B6, B12, Folate, Vitamin A, and Calcium—just to name a few. Each of these vitamins is essential for the body to function at its optimum level. For instance, Calcium is needed for muscle contraction and expansion, hormones, enzymes, and promoting a healthy nervous system. Alcohol causes a loss of calcium which can lead to deficiency or even osteoporosis.

Secondly, alcohol has a high sugar content and the sugar plays a roll in clogging up the liver. When this happens the liver can’t metabolize as efficiently. Higher sugars affects insulin. The American diet is lacking greens to begin with, and drinking depletes this even further.
Long story short: all of this can interfere with pregnancy and/ or getting pregnant.

The next issue with drinking during pregnancy is that research is saying it’s okay to drink “moderately” when pregnant. This new study defined moderate as “no more than a medium-sized glass (175ml) of wine, two units, twice a week.” When you ask around, however, everyone has a different idea of what moderate really is. One glass of wine? Two beers? A whole bottle? This is dangerous territory. Too much alcohol will harm the baby. Alcohol is a poison. Do you want to gamble with your child’s health, behavior, and life potential?

At the end of the day, healthy eating, moderate exercise, supplements, and practices like acupuncture and yoga all help with a healthy pregnancy and fertility.

What do you think about this issue? Let us know below!