Children should be taught at a young age to prefer whole foods to processed foods. It is the job of parents to instill healthy routines and this begins with breakfast.

Breakfast is important for children because it improves their concentration which means improved behavior and a better ability to pay attention in class. Some options for a healthy breakfast include mixing organic yogurt with fruits and sunflowers seeds. Avoid sweet brands of simple carbohydrates and also be mindful of using excessive dairy.

For lunch, hummus, sardines, hard-boiled eggs, omelets with vegetables, cooked or fried eggplant, tomatoes and egg salad all go well between pieces of whole grain bread. If your child prefers meat sandwiches, make sure the meat does not spoil in the heat and avoid mayonnaise. The sandwich must be kept at a safe temperature.

In terms of healthy snacking, the Health Ministry recommends that children ingest food every three or four hours. This is so they can experience feelings of satiety.

After school, encourage your child to get outdoors and exercise when they come home. Do not to spend all free time at the computer/ TV!

How do you encourage your children to maintain a healthy relationship with food and exercise?

(Based on from the Jerusalem Post)