A premium blend of cordyceps, ginseng and rhodiola roots designed to naturally restore the body’s muscular energy while also boosting mental performance.

Cordyceps is a powerful grassy fungus originally cultivated in mountainous Tibet. Known there as “the divine gift,” it has unmatched immune system support and stimulation properties.  American pharmacists have recognized cordyceps’s invigorating properties since the 1980s.  Cordyceps offers pronounced immunological restorative properties and helps the body resist infection because it is an adaptogen—helping promote better endocrine system balance (homeostasis).  It can assist athletic performance and recovery, enhance the libido and improve fertility. By promoting vascular elasticity it maximizes the body’s oxygen intake and can improve heart muscle strength. Cordyceps is also a noted detoxifier.

Ginseng’s name derives from the Greek “panax,” which also gave us the word “panacea” or cure-all. Recently singled out as an “adaptogen” because it increases resistance to emotional, physical, and immunological stress—this popular root builds vitality and mental focus, enhances strength and promotes relaxation. It primarily finds use as a preventative against sickness, weakness, and fatigue. Much prized in Eastern medicine for its curative properties it is considered the “ultimate longevity herb” and was one of the first widely marketed Eastern herbs in the U.S. The fabulous root is rare and its potency increases with age: Chinese and American ginseng roots are often left to mature for decades. High quality ginseng is very expensive on Asian markets—but Longevity Herbs is proud to offer high quality ginseng at attractive prices.

Rhodiola rosea is another traditional Chinese medicine included in the class of plant derivatives called adaptogens—prized for their ability to bolster resistance to stress, anxiety, fatigue and trauma. It is believed to increase energy and muscular performance as well as mental