Everyone’s talking about “detoxing.” From juice cleanses to raw food diets to plain old cutting out carbohydrates and junk foods, there are lots of ideas out there about what a detox means and how someone can do it.

We at Longevity Herbs want to share our thoughts on what you need to know regarding summer detoxing.

First, what exactly is a detox?
Detoxes are dietary plans that may help the body release toxins and support overall health. These plans vary but some include fasting, drinking juices, or eliminating certain foods from the diet on a temporary basis. Supplements are used to support the detoxification process.

Summer is a great time to detox because according to Chinese Medicine, a detox involves using “cooling” herbs. In other words, detoxing may lower your energetics. In summertime, with the heat outside, your body naturally wants to eat less, so it’s a great time to wash away the toxins within.

What are the stages of a detox? Most people think it’s a one step process of elimination but you need to look at it in two different compartments. Step one is to pull toxins out of the body and then there is a second step, where you need to support the body’s cleansing process.

Longevity Herbs offers two exceptional supplements to support those interested in doing a summer detox. The first is called Original Tea. It may be good for lowering cholesterol, increasing energy, and assisting in the first stage of the detox process.

The second product is called Wellness Renewal Plus PH. This supplement better supports PH balance and stamina while helping reduce chronic fatigue. Removes harmful compounds from the system thus assisting liver detoxification and general detox therapy. In fact, you could use Wellness Renewal Plus PH as a full detox because it not just eliminates but also replenishes, as mentioned above.

Are you going to do a summer detox? Let us know below!