Essential oils are wonderful for one’s health and wellbeing. They can be used to bring harmony into our lifestyle as well as get rid of imbalances. Many people use essential oils as a form of stress management by inhaling the aromas or rubbing them into the skin to be absorbed by the body. Here are 4 great oils as recommended from the wonderful book “Asian Secrets of Health, Beauty, and Relaxation” by Sophie Benge:

1) Sandalwood. Sandalwood is a popular oil used in many religious ceremonies. In terms of health, it is often used to treat dry skin and emotional stress. The scent is “syrupy, sweet, thick, and heady.” The best sandalwood comes from Mysore, India.

2) Nutmeg. Nutmeg is another prominent oil that is well known for its healing properties specifically with the digestive system. It is thought to break down starches, fats, and stimulate circulation. The scent is described as “warm and spicy with musky overtones.” Nutmeg is also great to use for detoxing since it has a purifying quality to it.

3) Ginger. This spice can be used as an oil with many beneficial properties. It is a “warm and spicy” fragrance with a lemony note to it. Ginger is used throughout the world for aiding digestive disorders, menstrual cramps, and relieving flu symptoms. It also has aphrodisiac qualities.

4) Jasmine. Jasmine can be found in the form of fragrant white blossoms grown all over Asia. Symbolically, it represents the “sweetness of a woman.” It also represents friendship and is a powerful Buddhist symbol. As a healing aid, Jasmine is believed to help relieve PMS symptoms, soften dry skin, and bring forth creativity.

Do you use essential oils or aromas in your health regime? Let us know what scents and oils you find most helpful!